Summer Art Adventure Series for Middle School




June 17th – August 21st

Mondays and Wednesdays

9AM – 3PM

We will be taking our art adventures to the next level with our middle school art camp this summer!  Students entering and in middle school will explore many artistic mediums including ceramics, paint, charcoal, pastels and more as they are introduced to the history and origins of art and art techniques, while discovering their artistic voices and exercising their imaginations.  Campers will also take part in problem solving games designed to challenge  problem solving skills and foster team-work.  Gathering inspiration from the surrounding area, campers will create outside as well as digging dirt and working in our educational garden.

Additional information

Middle School Art Adventure

$60 ONE DAY, $250 5 Day Flex (Member), $275 5 Day Flex (Non-Member), $480 10 Day Flex (Member), $525 10 Day Flex (Non-Member), $700 Summer Pass (Member), $800 Summer Pass (Non-Member)