Mona Monroe

I am an artist who works with a variety of mediums such as printmaking, painting, assemblage and non-traditional bookmaking to explore my ideas

In my work I am interested in visualizing the impressions left behind by people or objects no longer there. I want to articulate the stories that are slightly beneath the surface, hiding in our memories.

My surfaces are heavily worked and contain layers which I scratch through the skin to find out what’s hiding underneath. I enjoy the physicality involved in the act of making. The calligraphic markings and map-like references suggest clues to the identity, location and age of the piece. I’m a lifelong obsessive “gatherer” and possess a diverse collection of unrelated objects and materials. These ancient “found objects” show up in my work as punctuation marks, often presenting a slightly uncomfortable polarity between the unrelated elements. There can also be a little unexpected humor and darkness in them.

My imagination is fueled by maps, rusty pieces of metal, office supplies, religious imagery and things I pick up off the ground.