Helen Courtney

My earliest memory of wanting to paint was at my grandfather’s knee, watching him do beautiful portraits in pastels.  He painted from memory – everything from American Indians in native costume to beautiful Parisian ladies and old hobos down on their luck.  I was the only one of the grandchildren allowed in the room because I could be quiet for hours on end watching his every move.

After a career teaching school and raising a family, I am now happily devoting more time to art.  I am currently a member of the Teton Arts Council, The Jackson Hole Art Association, a member artist of the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, of Eagle Rock Art Guild, the Idaho Watercolor Society, the Wind River Art Guild in DuBois, WY, the Idaho Falls Arts Council, as well as showing at Rick’s, at Cocoa Grove, and at the MerLo Gallery here in Driggs, and at the Outback Gallery in Alpine, WY.

I paint in both oils and watercolors.  I look for the excitement of lights and shadows, shapes and colors.  I try to convey my emotional response to the awesome area we live in—there is something here that invokes a reaction to the depth of feeling that comes straight from the heart.