Holey Pots & Groovy Shots Apre ART

Teton Arts in Teton Valley, Idaho is excited to feature the work of photographer Linda M Swope & potter Greg Meyers. The show and sale, entitled “Holey Pots & Groovy Shots”, runs from February 20 to April 30, 2019.

Teton Arts Gallery in Driggs City Center will launch this show with a Happy Hour Reception on Friday evening, February 22 from 5-8 pm. Enjoy light refreshments and good company as you view an exciting new body of slightly surreal work.

Cups for Kids! Mug sales will benefit children’s art. Free beer with a mug purchase! Enjoy a free raffle too.

Photographer Linda Swope uses fluid digital imagery to transform manmade elements and Mother Nature’s goodness into scenes of fascination. By giving energy to what isn’t really there, Swope investigates the world in her mind’s eye.

Late into a 40-year career as a professional photographer, Swope started having visions. “I saw finished artwork, but it wasn’t my traditional photography. These were complex composites. As vivid as they were in my mind, I didn’t know how to accomplish one!”

After a thousand hours of experimentation, Linda’s style emerged. There is a foundation in reality, but there is also magic that morphs and shape shifts between surreal and abstract. The elements of her compositions beckon us to come closer. We are rewarded if we linger, with much to discover up close or at a distance. Even buildings are alive when infused with the natural world.

Drawn to the nostalgia of rural Idaho, Swope then calls on the magnificence of nature to conceive images that transcend their origins. When you see a bison calf emerge from a tree trunk, you might ask “how?” Swope won’t answer the question how she does it. She belives that mystery is more moving than method.

Clay artist Greg Meyers tells us “Holey Pots embodies a joyful and experimental return to working and creating in the studio. Over the last couple years working as an art teacher and more recently as the Executive Director at Teton Arts, I have been surrounded by art and people creating, but was unable to have the focus or time to create my own art. Holey Pots marks my return to the joyful pursuit of creating and self-discovery.

Sitting at the wheel, throwing large pots, and carving holes are my favorite. So, I focused on that. Pushing my own limits and the limits of the clay, I tried to make pots as large and as delicate as I could. My hope was to create unique vases still capable of holding water and flower arrangements. I’m most excited to see these vases hold flowers.”

For more about Linda Swope, go to www.swopephoto.com. To learn more about the mission of Teton Arts in our community, please visit www.tetonartsouncil.com.