Margaret Haydon Ceramics Workshop

Margaret Haydon Ceramics Workshop

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Hours: Saturday- Sunday: 10-12:30 1:30-4 



Pouring and pulling simple cast forms:

Demonstrate pouring and pulling simple cast forms. Have participants pour in pairs and pull several images, as well as work with pre-made leather hard casts.

Cleaning up casts and prep for construction.

Discuss various ways to combine cast images with thrown forms. Participants work until lunch.

12:30-1:30 Lunch?? Slides during lunch?


Brief slide lecture? (This can also happen the evening before if that is better. The Potters guild in Boulder does it that way and the lecture is free and open to the public, though the workshop costs $$)


Combining thrown forms with small cast images; and simple construction of cast image to cast image:

Demonstrate attachment of cast elements to thrown forms, and making odd construction combinations with cast images. Explain the importance of solid attachment construction and slow drying. Wrap completed constructions in plastic to set up for Sunday.

Demonstrate wax and sgraffito process on leatherhard forms.

Participants work to the end of the afternoon. Have them prepare a few leather hard pieces with wax for Sunday.


10-12:30 1:30 -4…5…(however long people stay to work)

Throwing and trimming:

Demonstrate various forms on the wheel; have several forms pre-made for trimming and construction. (medium-large bowl; slab platter to demo thrown foot ring; stem and bowl to demo goblet form construction.)

Quick Review of Saturday’s processes:

Talk about and demonstrate clean up of joints, and refining craft of previous day’s constructions. Use of paintbrushes, Mudtools white sponges and green scrubbies for clean up.

Demonstrate screen process with underglaze on leather hard and bisque.

Demonstrate Xerox image transfer process on leather hard.

Participants continue to work through the afternoon.

Workshop participants should have prepared beforehand:

*Several soft leather hard pieces, thrown or hand built. Preferably a mid-range white clay body

*Some small soft leather hard tiles also are helpful (though I will have some prepared as well. )

*I will also throw some forms the night before to have ready for demo and for others to play with.